DECEMBER 2nd to DECEMBER 4th 2016

Event Organizers

Purpose of the event

We will take concrete action by organizing interactive training sessions of three days in each host country. We will especially focus on: The election process, the development of self-esteem, methods of financing, communication and networking.

Women who offer this training for free, are women with extensive experience in the field.

See the complete planning: here

Description of the event

OIAPA is an organization whose main objective is to motivate the leadership of African women to become more involved in active politics in their countries.


1) Project Title: Interactive seminar for the leadership of African women .             

2) Project Description: We have organized an interactive seminar with three speakers experienced whose knowledge and experience will be utilized to encourage educated Tunisian 60 and enrolled in our three-day seminar is 2.3 and 4 December 2016 run for politics. These women want to overcome the dictates always advocated by leaders of different Tunisian political parties. To do this, they need outside help because no special measures have been put forward by the Government of Tunisia for the electoral reform passed June 15, 2016.


3) Description of the social situation: The Tunisian parliament passed an important amendment to Article 49 of its election law June 15, 2016, to ensure increased representation of women in local politics. For these wishes do not lapse, considering the too time between legislation and actions, it is urgent for OIAPA only organization currently structured, going forward tools to these women, under the leadership of our president HM The Queen Ikollo and our local partner, Mrs Bouafia Arem Ep Jezi, renowned sociologist in Tunisia.


4) Explanation of urgency: The speakers, Anne Deysine of France, Sylvie Nomeny Washington and Lise Bourgault Canada, working on the content of the seminar for several months. Moreover, we believe it is absolutely necessary to help our participants to properly structure before the municipal elections scheduled for 26 March 2017. These are the first elections since 2011, it should not be that interested Tunisian women miss this appointment. We will certainly boost their leaderships so that they finally put forward. With our tools, they will have more confidence in them.