Mélaric wants to integrate women

Interactive Seminar for African Women Leadership

OIAPA is an international non-profit organization whose main objective is to motivate the leadership of African women to become more involved in active politics in their countries. As part of its mission, OIAPA is organizing an interactive seminar with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Quebec, Christine Saint Pierre, on December 2-3, 2016, at the Hotel Afrique de Tunis, with the participation of one 50 registered women.

An ambitious project that defends an ideal

The interactive seminar will be attended by three experienced speakers (under the leadership of SM Jacqueline E Ikollo, President of OIAPA). Anne Deysine of France, Sylvie Nomeny of the United States and Lise Bourgault of Canada. The experiences will be used to encourage Tunisian women enrolled in the three-day seminar to present themselves in politics. These women want to free themselves from the autocracies always advocated by the leaders of the various Tunisian political parties. In the eyes of the OIAPA, Tunisian women need apparent help because no specific measures have been put forward by the government of Tunisia to accompany them.

Portrait of the current social situation

The Tunisian parliament voted an important amendment to article 49 of the electoral law on June 15, 2016, guaranteeing an increased representation of women in local politics. In order to ensure that these vows do not lapse, considering the timetable of the municipal elections announced by ISIE (the Independent High Authority for Elections), it is urgent for OIAPA, the only organization presently structured, to transmit tools To these women, under the advice and recommendations of local partners including Mrs. Bouafia Arem Ep Jezi, specialist in sociology. OIAPA believes that it is essential to help the participants to structure themselves properly before the municipal elections which are scheduled for March 26, 2017. This is the first local elections since 2011. "It is not necessary that the Tunisian women interested Pass by this lack of knowledge or trust in them ".

Article du 1er décembre 2016 par La sultane mag