Interactive seminar in Tunisia
Interactive seminar in Tunisia
Interactive seminar in Tunisia

A sawa made mafo


The wife of the ruler of Bonendale II, was made Queen Mother (Mafo) last April for the leadership Foto (Dschang) by many western traditional leaders. An honorary title that comes enhance the charisma of the initiator of Bonendale festival. Mafo is the queen title given to women in the Bamileke community of West Cameroon.

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10% of women in africa's leardership positions.


Women only represent 5% of parliamentary and executive positions in Africa

Let me introduce myself: I am Her Majesty Queen Ikollo Jacqueline Queen Bonendale II in Cameroon, mining engineer. I have been interested for several years to promote the presence of more African women in active politics. Therefore, with the help of six other women, we have formed the International Organization for the Advancement of African Policy.

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The OIAPA developed a women's leadership training program to equip African candidates for electoral positions in private or charitable organizations. For this, the OIAPA created a FORUM to listen to women and together find viable solutions.

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Board members

H.M the queen Ikollo

The Queen ikollo founded the OIAPA in 2013.

Mrs Anne Deysine

Mrs Deysine joined the OIAPA in 2014 she represents France.

Mrs Lise Bourgault

Mrs Lise Bourgault co-founded the OIAPA.

Mrs Shetu Alfa
Administrator Nigéria

Mrs. Shetu Alfa is a board member of the oiapa.