President Ouattara wants peaceful elections

The President of the Republic, HE Mr. Alassane Ouattara, took part in the solemn ceremony of signing the Code of Good conducted by the various candidates in the presidential election of October 25 under the auspices of the National Democratic Institute (NDI).Read more...


A sawa made mafo

The wife of the ruler of Bonendale II, was made Queen Mother (Mafo) last April for the leadership Foto (Dschang) by many western traditional leaders. An honorary title that comes enhance the charisma of the initiator of Bonendale festival. Mafo is the queen title given to women in the Bamileke community of West Cameroon.

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Mélaric wants to integrate women

OIAPA is an international non-profit organization whose main objective is to motivate the leadership of African women to become more involved in active politics in their countries. As part of its mission, OIAPA is organizing an interactive seminar with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Quebec, Christine Saint Pierre, on December 2-3, 2016, at the Hotel Afrique de Tunis, with the participation of one 50 registered women.


The kalati association welcomes the queen

In November 2005, Madame Christiane Ricard of Kalati Association meeting Queen Bonendale II, by informing him of initiating a media Bonendale at a meeting with the director of the public school of the village is so organized, and under aegis of the Queen, a few months later, Wednesday, February 21, 2006 precisely the library saw the days.