The woman has the right to mount the scaffold, she must also have the right to mount the rostrum.

Olympe De Gouges

Our story

The OIAPA was created by women inspired by Her Majesty the Queen Bonendale Ikollo II, back in Africa, they expressed the fact that women, even more than 50% of the population, they still struggling to impose their society.

While the equitable participation of women in politics and government is essential in any democratic society, UN Women, NDI and other international organizations dedicated to the advancement of African women have amply documented the low presence of women in African parliaments and executive level, except in some countries that have demonstrated real leadership in this regard.

Seeing this, we felt that to meet the challenge of doubling their representation, it is essential to properly train these women in the electoral process, as you know, can be complex in many African countries. That's why we founded the OIAPA, according to Canadian law on non-profit organizations.

The association is registered under number 854880-3 Industry Canada accredited by Google '' NPO 'and international organization.

Ongoing projects
Completed projects

Our vision

Our organization aims to:
  • Recruit and train of African women who wish to get involved in politics but do not know how, by organizing training sessions in their respective countries;
  • Get the OIAPA accreditated as an international observer during elections in Africa;
  • Providing support for women with at the local, regional and international level;
  • Encouraging women and men to join the organization;
  • Apply for grants from government organizations dedicated to the advancement of Africa;

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