A sawa made mafo

A sawa made mafo

The wife of the ruler of Bonendale II, was made Queen Mother (Mafo) last April for the leadership Foto (Dschang) by many western traditional leaders. An honorary title that comes enhance the charisma of the initiator of Bonendale festival.

Mafo is the queen title given to women in the Bamileke community of West Cameroon. It is worn either as legacy -a daughter, wife or daughter to his successor (queen) mother or mother-in-either by acknowledgment to those women who have distinguished themselves by their bravery positively in a given field. In the latter case, the honorary title of Mafo no longer limited solely to nationals (birth or marriage) in the West.

Since April 30, Jacqueline Ikollo, daughter of a notable family of Bonakouamouang (Douala), married to a Bonendale (a village not far from Douala, location of the slaughterhouse, after the industrial zone Bonabéri) proudly wears the title that was graciously given by a Western leadership. Recognition to the actions it poses as well as in its Western community, especially in Dschang. But above all, thanks to ties it has forged with this community since childhood. "My mom (Mrs. Martha Ekambi) was one of the first politicians of this country, she says. In the 60s, she was for 20 years president of the WCNU. When she went to meetings, it's dad Tino (Dschang) that rocked me when I was just a baby. " So thanks to this citizen of the West who worked at the Ekambi couple, the friendships were forged between the two communities, to the point where Ekambi offspring will have a second village in Dschang. And once in the workforce, the Queen of Bonendale has not forgotten his 'second mother', dad Tino. "I sponsored the establishment of the library of Dschang ..."

Aged 47 years, the Queen of Bonendale is a geological engineer and financial consultant. After primary education in Cameroon, she traveled to France where she spends her bachelor's degree and enrolled at the University of Tours. His marriage to Moses Ikollo (she knew since high school) will force him to go to Canada, where she enrolled at the Polytechnic School of Montreal. This is also in this university it obtained his engineering degree. She will also do two years of financial marketing that earned him the title of financial adviser. "I worked in Canada as a consultant with international Geomex and as financial advisor in one of the largest financial companies' London Life and Great-West". In 1999, she returned to Cameroon "I had to resign to follow my husband who had just occupy its traditional chief functions when he was inducted in 1984, while he was still in school ..." Returning to countries, the Queen of Bonendale II think she has an important role to play alongside her husband. Especially since she was at his side, a husband who calls "enlightened queen mother, brave, generous big heart ..." For her, her husband is his first fan. It creates a GIC (common initiative group) who is responsible for the advancement of women and rural development in particular.

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